For the fourth time, I’ve signed up for the One Room Challenge! 

This time around, I’m making over my half bath! Read more to learn some of my plans to create a saturated, plant filled space.

hellohomegirl half bath mood board

Half Bath Plans: One Room Challenge, Week 1

Our half bath is our messy bathroom where we wash up our various DIY projects. It’s nice to clean up in the half bath and not track mess through the house.

However, our half bath in its current state is absolutely ugly! Its walls are the original color of when we first bought our home years ago: a dingy off white that looks yellow when the lights are on.

Creating a color filled half bath

The room will be flooded in a deep berry magenta. From the walls to the ceiling and even the door, every surface will be saturated in a pretty jewel tone. 

I noticed that I pin and like images of rooms all painted one color, but I never tried it myself. This is the perfect time to try this for myself! I imagine that sunsets will look so pretty in there!

Additionally, I’ll be installing a wood accent wall! This wall be a propagation station for my plants. I hope to add a humidifier to the space for a more jungle-like atmosphere.

Previously completed projects

The half bath had a popcorn ceiling once upon a time, but we removed that. That means that I need to skim coat the ceiling. I can’t stand skim coating, but I have to do it!

I also ripped off some old makeshift shelves a couple of years ago. They looked raggedy and blocked off the light from flooding the room. Good riddance!

A woman in smoothing a wall with joint compound and a drywall knife.

Since I ripped off the shelves, I must repair the drywall. Again, drywall work isn’t my favorite, but doing a good job makes the space look less like a janky DIY job and more like a finished space.

Limitations of the design plan

This project has a shoestring budget! I’m trying not to buy much! I’ve already purchased the primer, paint, and wood. Now it’s time to do the work!

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to fully transforming for the first time in a while. And I hope you stay tuned to see how the half bath turns out.



P.S. – Check out the other participants for this round of the ORC. You’re sure to be inspired!

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