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3 Easy Solutions For Your Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization

3 Easy Solutions For Your Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization

Presently, I’ve been upping my bathroom organization game. My goal: to have everything have its place! After organizing my drawers, these three bathroom storage solutions have been my favorites to make sure I meet my organization goal.

The Home Edit bathroom organization drawers

I recently saw one of my favorite creators style these chic acrylic drawers by The Home Edit in her bathroom. Right then, I realized this was perfect for linen closet organization ideas!

Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization Problem 1:

Firstly, I needed a clear (no pun intended) separation between rags, face towels, and decorative towel storage. For some reason, I find that my partner often does not recognize that all of these towels serve a different purpose. 

So he’ll hang a face towel as a hand towel or give a guest a rag to use as a face towel. Therefore, the acrylic drawers will help keep everything separated. 


These acrylic drawers are not only attractive – they’re practical! They help me keep my face towels and my hand towels separate. Even better, I can label the drawers clearly to help keep things where they’re supposed to be.

Also, I gained another “shelf” inside my linen closet! Now, I’m able to store some paper towels in the linen closet as well.

The Home Edit has great bathroom organization products for your needs. See how I styled my drawers here!

Lazy susan Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization

Lazy susans

Lazy susans have been great for accessing items in the back of my cabinets. 

Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization Problem 2:

Thereafter, we have trouble reaching items in the back of our deep bathroom cabinets.

Lazy susan Organization


To maximize the bathroom cabinets & storage, I use lazy susans!

I place my lesser used items on a lazy susan and position it at the back of the cabinet for the rare times I need them. In that case, I can simply spin the lazy susan to what I need without needing to pull everything out the cabinet.

Woven basket Bathroom Cabinets and Storage Organization. 3 Easy Solutions For Your Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization

Woven basket

I’ve had this basket for forever and have used it for many different purposes over the years. Here’s what I’ve been using it for lately!

Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Organization Problem 3:

Lastly, we had a lack of storage for personal hygiene products.


This little basket hides personal hygiene products in plain sight. So, if one of my guests needs a pad in a pinch, they can grab one out of this basket.

Additionally, the basket is a great addition to the styling of my floating shelves. Overall, it makes for great over the toilet storage ideas. Grab a similar one here!

In conclusion, I hope you have found some solution for one of your bathroom storage problems. In the comments, let me know if you have a storage problem that you still need help with!




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