a little about me…

I’m Felicia, a home decor and DIY enthusiast and dreamer with a passion for Pinterest. I’m so glad you’re here!

 I’m all about sharing the home tips I always wanted to know from a voice who understood my perspective (and budget)! So, if you are in need of DIY home renovation and decor tips, make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get my latest tips.

How my story began

I’ve always had a passion for decor like most. I also have always been broke.

So my DIY, decor-on-a-budget was born out of necessity and creativity! After desiring to share my home ideas for years, I finally took the plunge and began hellohomegirl.com. Many of my projects are applicable to both homeowners and renters alike. (We all deserve a beautiful yet affordable space!)

Currently, I’m transitioning from designing on a tiny budget just for the sake of saying I saved beaucoup dollars. In contrast, I’m hoping to inspire you to decide what you truly want and to invest there.

I live with my longtime partner, and together, we tackle renovation projects that upgrade our house into our home in Dallas, TX. I affectionately refer to him as The Honey. He makes brief cameos as he’s camera/blog shy! Often, I tackle projects by myself as well.


As Seen In


I use an old Canon T3i and my phone.

Surprisingly, garage sales are my favorite to shop. They can be a bit sporadic and unpredictable, but I look forward to every spring when the shopping gets good. Plus, it’s a great time to converse with people and learn the story behind items.

It’s really simple! Decide on a name, snatch up a domain (with my affiliate link), choose a theme, and get started!