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Hello Home Girl half bath refresh primed door mirror

Y’all, life happened big time. Of course, there is always some kind of catastrophe happening in our lives, but I’ve had several major things happen. All smack dab in the middle of this iteration of the One Room Challenge. I know how to finish, but I just didn’t want to.

Yes, having opportunities to be featured are amplified with having a completed space at the end of the one room challenge. However, I chose rest. It was just too many things on my plate!

I’ll share one event that happened with you all.

My heater stopped working on our first cold day of the year. As it’s always the case with these things, the repair required a specific special order piece that took about a week to arrive. Yay.

Well, a week, two days of missed work, and nearly $700. Later, the heat was back to normal.

In between all of that, we did buy a couple of space heaters for a few of the rooms to keep the plants in ourselves warm. But that left little to give to the ORC.

How to cut linoleum tiles. Utility knife

Tasks I’ve completed include:

Pretty good if I say so!

Jungalow towel

Finally, if I needed an one more sign that I should push to complete, I got it in the form of a hand towel. Yes – hand towel. See, the towel that I thought would coordinate perfectly with the space arrived faded in lackluster. Ugh.

Back to the store you go!

So, my journey with the ORC is over for now, but my half bath refresh isn’t! I’ll be chipping away slowly at it bit by bit to create the fabulous space I know it will be!

Sincerely, Felicia.

P.S.: Go see the reveals!

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