I recently picked up these peel and stick floor tiles for my half bath refresh bathroom cabinet. But instead of putting them on the floor, I put them under the sink, and this is how. 

How to install tiles in an under the sink cabinet

I know, I know…the last update you received was telling you what I was gonna do. Well, despite the lack of updates, homegirl has been working!

I haven’t done as much as I thought I would, but that’s okay. The One Room Challenge is a supportive event all about making progress in improving one part of your home. It’s a jumpstart.

Because I grew bored of trying to get my skim coating right, I moved on to beautifying the bathroom vanity. I’m so loving the color!

Why should I add tiles under my bathroom sink?

You’ll want to protect your bathroom cabinets under the sink from water in case of an emergency. You never know when a pipe might leak, potentially damaging your vanity.

Additionally, I wanted to clean out all the dirt underneath the cabinet. It was about time after living here for years.


How do I protect my bathroom cabinets under the sink?

You can add a waterproof, protective material, like linoleum tiles, to cover the bottom of your cabinets.

How To Install Tiles In An Under The Sink Cabinet

So, now that you’re caught up, let’s get into how I transformed the inside of the bathroom vanity!

Tools you’ll need:

How to remove contact paper under the sink cabinet

Firstly, remove the old contact paper (if applicable).

I had to get rid of the old, nasty contact paper under my bathroom cabinet. I wore a scarf around my face when removing the paper because it was stinky. Yuck!

You can use a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive to pull it away easily. Therefore, the old contact paper won’t rip; it comes out in whole sheets.

How to clean an under the sink cabinet. Sprays cleaning supplies from a glass bottle.

Next, clean under the cabinet from all debris. 

I swept up all the large debris. After that, I vacuumed all the dust and dirt, especially in the corners of the cabinet.

I had this nagging stain up in one part of the cabinet but I don’t know what it’s from. Because of that stain, I wiped the inside of the bathroom cabinet with Krud Kutter and Pine Sol. The Krud Kutter reduced the grime and the stain; the Pine Sol made it smell much better! 

Now it’s clean for under cabinet storage!

It’s finally time to stick down the first tile! 

After sticking down the first tile, you’ll need to cut the next tiles to fit and install.

These linoleum tiles are affordable and super easy to install. No special tools needed! You just need the tiles, a utility knife, and some sort of straight edge.

How to cut linoleum tiles. Utility knife

Make your cuts.

Moreover, there are no measurements necessary either! Use the overlap method to make a mark and cut the tile with a simple utility knife

Don’t forget to do a dry fit before you stick your newly cut tile into place. Repeat until you’re finish.

Pro tip: smooth down each tile as you work. Linoleum tiles move around a little as you work. So, pressing the tiles down into place helps for them to not move. I used a metal putty knife to smooth and set the tiles.

And you’re done!

That’s how to install tiles in an under the sink cabinet. Let me know if you would try this look under your cabinet too for your own bathroom vanity ideas!


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