If you’re in need of drawer organization ideas, check out these simple tips to keep your things in order! Also, keep reading for my favorite places for inexpensive drawer storage solutions.

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Drawer Organization Ideas: Get Rid Of Your Mess Now!

You may be searching for organization ideas for spring, but these tips and tricks can truly be used at any time of the year!

What is the importance of drawer organization ideas?

First, organized drawers help save you money. For instance, I don’t find myself buying multiples of items that I don’t need. I simply can open a drawer and see that I already have enough.

Additionally, having organized drawers means you don’t have to dig for stuff! It wastes time and can be frustrating

I, in particular, hate it when I know I have something, but I just can’t quite find it. Often, that item I’m looking for is a smaller, less used item that I don’t use very often. 

Organizing my drawers have helped me calmly and efficiently find those odds and ends.

resuing trays for drawer. minimal makeup storage. tray is from a broken jewelry box.

What is the best way to organize your drawers?

Take stock of what you have (What do you keep in drawers?)

Firstly, take stock of what you need to store in your drawers and ask some important questions. 

  1. Are you tackling a classic junk drawer, or are you organizing beauty products? 
  2. How large are the items you’re looking to store? 
  3. How large is the drawer itself? 
  4. Do you need bathroom drawer organization ideas or kitchen drawer organization ideas?
drawer organization hellohomegirl. hair ties, lip gloss, scissors, hair clips, lipstick

Get bins (What can I use for drawer dividers?)

Next, it’s time to collect any drawer inserts, trays, and acrylic boxes you can to make your drawers more organized and purposeful for your life.

Raid what your belongings first before buying. Do you already have small boxes that can be reused Marie Condo style for instance? Can you salvage a tray from a broken jewelry box?

Then, you can shop for even more drawer organization bins that you don’t already have. Try to get trays and bins of various sizes, but avoid round shapes. Square trays maximize space better!

Group and place (How should drawers be organized?)

After that, place all your items in place. I like to consider which items group together and put them in the same drawer. 

For example, I have safety pins, spare buttons, iron on patches, and needle and thread together. To me, those items group together as items need to fix clothing. All of those items are together in a drawer!

Where to shop for drawer organization ideas and solutions

Here are my 3 favorite places to find inexpensive bins:

The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree has a TON of inexpensive organization options, including classic clear, acrylic bins for drawers. However, I encourage you to venture from the closet organization aisle to the kitchen aisle for even MORE drawer organizers!

I specifically love the white kitchen drawer bins from the Dollar Tree. Their rubber feet and textured bottom help prevent them from siding in your drawer! Additionally, you can use the utensil trays for other items like toothpaste and toothbrushes for bathroom drawer organization ideas.

Don’t you just love good Dollar Tree organization hacks?

Thrift stores

You can find many bins, like my white bin with open sides, in bulk at the thrift store for no more than a dollar! Clean them thoroughly in warm soapy water with a spoonful of vinegar and they’re good to go!

green arcylic organizer for bathroom drawer organization ideas with safety pins of different sizes and a sewing kit

Target Dollar Spot

These acrylic boxes (both clear and translucent green) are from the Target Dollar Spot. Check this section (usually positioned right at the front entrance of Target) often for new items since it changes all of the time. Also, if you visit often you may find these marked down at the end of a season.

All in all, think outside the box (pun definitely intended) for the best organization ideas!

Looking for more? Find more ideas here!



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  1. Love this – definitely don’t need those expensive pre-packaged drawer organizer kits to tackle a disaster zone!