A year ago, my family was snowed in with frozen pipes and no heat. It was a truly scary and humbling experience. This year, we’re blessed to have a warm home to set the cozy vibes. Don’t let the cozy vibes go away with the holidays! Check out my 5 favorite ways to feel the warmth in the thickest part of winter.

5 quick and simple ways to create a cozy home

Red chair and red vintage tartan blanket in front of bird of paradise plant

1. Use wool blankets

Wool blankets are versatile – both for utility and attractiveness. Drape them over the side of a chair or couch in case you want to snuggle on super cold days. Lay them out for a romantic indoor picnic on the floor. Neatly folder them at the foot of a bed for extra texture and warm feet.

My wool blankets are from an amazing garage sale! Check out how I refreshed my vintage blankets before I brought them inside my home.

photo of person holding scented candle in a cozy home.
Photo by thevibrantmachine on Pexels.com

2. Put some love in the air

Although I love a good diffuser for the warmer months, there is nothing like the smell of candles in cold weather! To me, the ambiance and depth of scents feel more appropriate when it’s colder.

No batteries or electricity are necessary to enjoy a traditional candle. However, if traditional candles are not your thing, try using a wax warmer!

Wax warmers provide ease of swapping out scents easily. Plus, the scents are easier to store. For instance, I was given a bunch of waxes by a family member. I took an afternoon to organize them into zipper bags and label them based on seasons.

Scents that scream cozy home vibes to me include cinnamon, pine, and snickerdoodle cookies! I use those a lot during frigid temperature months.

A wax warmer is lit next to two tapered candles in gold candelabra. A pink retro style lamp and flower art is also in view. Great for a cozy home.

Cleaning a wax warmer is a breeze, by the way. Just carefully pour out your wax into the trash before it solidifies (use oven mitts if the warming dish is too hot). Then, put a couple of cotton balls in the warming dish to soak up the remaining wax.

No cotton balls on hand? A paper towel cut in half will do!

3. Add moody lighting to your cozy home

Speaking of candles and wax warmers, they can definitely be a source of moody lighting! Even battery operated candles can be super helpful in setting the mood.

As the amount of daylight is currently super short, you might be tempted to either sit in the dark or turn on your brightest overhead light. However, maximum cozy home vibes fall somewhere in the middle. Layered lighting is key.

Mirror wall
Adding many textures/mirror wall fun

For example, our dining room utilizes recessed and chandelier lighting on dimmer switches. Additionally, three additional lamps are around the room, like these two lamps with shades and one lamp with a pink and textured glass drum.

If installing recessed lighting is not an option, lean in to using lamps. You might consider using warm colored light bulbs for table lamps instead of bright daylight bulbs during the winter. Even colored bulbs can be beautiful. Rose-colored light bulbs? Love it!

4. Feel the warm and fuzzies

Next, to keep the winter fun, fuzzy items add depth and softness. Think robes, slippers, and throw blankets. Layer wool blankets with a faux sheepskin. Cuddle up in your favorite robe. Wear the warm slippers!

The record Looking Back by Stevie Wonder sits on a 1970s era stereo.
Play nostalgic music.

5. Play nostalgic music

Whatever genre that is, take a trip down memory lane to create the cozy home that you love. Seventies funk reminds me of the days of being at home with my mama and daddy. Indeed there is some serious and thought provoking music embedded in that genre (think Innervisions by Stevie Wonder), but I choose the upbeat jaunts to keep my cozy energy up and sad energy down.

Tapping into nostalgic memories from a happy time in life can make you feel comfy at home. As soon as you get home, turn on some music to keep your energy flowing and resist the urge to instantly get in bed! (I gotta admit it – I’m partially convincing myself of this!)

In conclusion, a cozy home doesn’t end with holiday cheer.

I get it – you’re tired of winter and are looking forward to Spring. But let’s breathe new life into these chilly days and show ourselves a little love with a cozy, comfortable, and warm home. These simple tips can keep you cozy until the Spring.

Finally, please remember that that cozy home feeling doesn’t need to end with your favorite holiday. Let nature inspire you to nest well.



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  1. You are so right about the lighting! Some of my lighting feels so harsh in the winter! And I love the notion of nostalgic tunes to bring those warm fuzzies ❤