A sheet of white graph paper lists one new year's resolution: Quit making new year's resolutions.

In my opinion, creating resolutions for the new year is not very helpful. Often, we create super vague and grandiose resolutions that set us up for failure. Our goals for the new year tend to be very lofty, such as:

I want to lose weight


I want to get healthy

As someone who gets overwhelmed easily, new year’s resolutions like these are extremely hard to attain because they are not specific enough. Last year, I unfortunately made the resolution to cry more. Ummm…be careful what you wish for! This year, I have cried all the tears of my whole lifetime this past year. So, I guess that means I accomplished that one goal at least. 🙃

I think there’s a better way to navigate your goals for the new year.

Instead of creating one big goal for the new year, let’s treat a set of our goals like the One Room Challenge! Think about it: the One Room Challenge takes place over 8 weeks, not the whole year! By focusing on one space for a certain span of time, you make the goal of transforming a space more attainable.

Not to sound annoying like your boss at your job, but there is truth in that whole SMART goal analysis. Why not translate that to DIY and decor?

In review, goals that are SMART are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Ready for the aha moment? The One Room Challenge is an exercise in SMART goals.

I know, I know…mind blown! 🤯

Firstly, this goal should be at the forefront of your design for a room or inception of a renovation project. Even in the planning stages, you should be asking if your goal for the space you will be transforming is SMART. Consequently, you can avoid sitting in your room with 5 DIY projects drowning you with 2 days to spare. In cases like that, maybe you got a little too much dip on ya chip!

(I know the goal of the ORC isn’t necessarily to finish, but it feels good to finish.)

An overview of a 2022 calendar  beginning with January 2022. A pink binder clip and a paper clip shaped like a carrot is also seen.
New year, same me (because I change throughout the year).

But what does all of that have to do with the new year?

Alas, allow me to propose addressing a set of goals for the new year like they are mini challenges. You can chunk the year up however works best for you. What’s your January goal? Your February goal? What is your goal for the spring? For the fall?

In sum, your new year doesn’t need just one resolution. Your new year just needs a series of 6 One room Challenges. 🤣

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  1. I’m all for ditching the New Year’s Resolution in favor of making changes all year. Why wait? Pursuing what’s good for you should happen as soon as it feels right. That said, I think 6 One Room Challenges might kill me, haha. I’ll definitely have to be smarter (and SMARTer) about them in the future!

  2. Yes! Bite Sizes are perfect. I adapted that in 2021, and I learned not to put a end date or finish by on the things I want to do. It’s less stressful. This year, I’ve decided to have some fun with my new planner and add do something special each month. It’s at random from a list of 12 activities that I pre-wrote and put in a jar. At the beginning of each month, I’ll pick at random and make the plan to accomplish that one day thing for that month. Great post!

    Also, can I just give you a round of applause for growing and being consistent with Hello Home Girl! I’m proud of you, Roommay! Please, keep it going!

  3. I love this! I’ve never been a new years resolution type person, I’m very go with the flow till I get bored and wanna do something else. But this, this makes me want to stop and assess my motto. I like the idea of mapping out my year/time in small fragments and measuring accomplishments based on specific goals. Thanks for the perspective!

    1. I’m glad you considered switching up how you view the year and your goals. I personally need to embrace going with the flow a little more. Maybe the middle of all of that is the best course of action!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts, after reading your post I just sat quietly and thought about how I want to feel in 2023. I think what I’ll do is base my goals on feelings instead of appearance. For example, when I wake up my body feels stiff… it would probably do me some good to stretch… I can’t think of the last time I really stretched my body. All in all yes I agree breaking down goals is way more easier to attain and achieve. Again thank you.