Privacy film on a kitchen window with a pothos plant. 
How to install Privacy Window Film kitchen window.
Adding privacy film is easy!

Whether you’re in need of privacy or if you want to block a little sunlight, check out the best way to install privacy window film.

How To Install Privacy Window Film (best way!)

Sometimes, it can feel like living in a fishbowl when you don’t have a lot of curtains or blinds. Therefore, I decided to add privacy film to the lower half of our windows for added privacy inside our home. 

While it’s nice to have unfiltered light for our plants, it can be a bit weird walking around in your bathrobe while the neighbor’s lawn care professionals are cutting the grass in front of you. Awkward!

Adding this affordable window film is an easy way to add privacy to your home. See how I transformed our home from a fishbowl to a kaleidoscope


To install window film, you’ll need:

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How To Install Privacy Window Film In 9 Steps

Step 1:  Measure

First, measure your window panes’ width and height. 

For example, the majority of my windows are 18” wide. I didn’t want to have a ton of seams, so I chose a roll of window film that would be a little greater than 18″ wide. As a result, I did not have a lot of excess privacy film left over.

Step 2: Clean

Now that you have your privacy window film in hand, thoroughly clean your window panes using warm, soapy water and sponge. Dry the windows with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving behind lint residue. Lint can cause the window film to not adhere properly!

Step 3: Prep your spray bottle

Thirdly, fill your spray bottle with warm, soapy water. For my small spray bottle, I added one drop of Dawn dish soap and filled the rest up with warm water. Shake it up to mix well.

Step 4: Dry fit

Dry fit your privacy film on your window. Tape it into place using painter’s tape. Use scissors to cut out a general shape that’s a little bit larger than your window pane.

peeling the back How To Install Privacy Window Film (best way!)
Peel the backing off the window film

Step 5: Peel

Peel off the plastic backing of your privacy film. I found that spraying the shiny side of the privacy film with the soapy water helped keep it all from sticking together.

peel the backing paper and spray

Step 6: Spray

After that, spray your window pane with warm, soapy water.

Step 7: Position in place

Position the privacy film onto the window pane. You may need to spray down the back of your privacy film again. 

spraying soapy water on window film
Spraying the window

Whenever the window film isn’t sticking, continue straying copious amounts of soap water! Slippery window film is easier to position in the correct spot.

installing privacy film smooth out the bubbles
Smooth it out

Step 8: Smooth

Gently push out the water bubbles using your smoothing tool. Simultaneously, be sure to not move around your privacy film too much by pressing and pushing too hard. 

Just take your time and smooth the window film in all different directions. Slowly work the water bubbles to the outer edges of your window. Pay close attention to getting the water out the edges!

trim film with a utility knife
Trim the excess

Step 9: Trim

Finally, trim the excess privacy film from the edges of the window frame. I used a utility knife and my smoothing tool as a straightedge to make straight and neat cuts. 

When that was too difficult, I used scissors to cut the excess privacy film. After trimming your excess privacy film, be sure to add a little bit more soapy water to the window and the privacy film to smooth out the edges to the window frame again.

How do you apply privacy film without bubbles?

Gently use a smoothing tool to push out the bubbles. However, don’t press down with your smoothing tool too hard. For one, you don’t want to accidentally move it out of position. Additionally, you don’t want to scratch up the surface of your privacy film.

smooth down privacy film

Does window film go on the inside or outside of a window?

Install your window film on the inside of your window pane to keep it from peeling in the elements.

Which side of window film faces out?

The smooth shiny side that you peel the backing from faces out. The textured side faces into the room.

Should I use Windex or window cleaner to apply window film?

Save the Windex! You should not use Windex or any other window cleaner to apply the privacy window film. Warm, soapy water is the key to making the film stick to the window.

Is privacy film easy to install?

Static cling privacy film is so easy to install because it is repositionable. It’s so hard to mess up with this DIY. Therefore, installing window film is a very beginner-friendly DIY project

Remember, when you feel like you can’t move around the film well, just respray the window and the back of the privacy film with soapy water. It’s super super simple!

rainbow window film. stained glass window film.
The window film creates a beautiful kaleidoscope effect at sunset!


What I love the most about this privacy film is that it creates a kaleidoscope effect on the walls as the sun sets. As a result, splashes of rainbow decorate the walls every evening. It’s really pretty and magical to see daily. 

In sum, I really love the results and I wonder why it took me so long to actually do this. Don’t procrastinate like I did. You should install a privacy window film today!



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