Are you in the hunt for the best affordable bed sheets for 2024 without breaking the bank?

Great linens for an affordable price can be difficult to find. I’ve tried many different brands from different stores with mixed results. My fellow people with king sized beds can attest that bed linens can be quite expensive. Luckily, I’ve found the best sheets that won’t make you go bankrupt. The best part? A king size set of these sheets will not exceed $100!

hellohomegirl A boho designed bedroom contains bed linens from Target. The Threshold performance sheets are the best sheets in 2022.

The best affordable bed sheets for 2024

Overall, my favorite sheets ever are from Target. In my opinion, Target has a great selection of bedding that is consistently of good quality at a low price point. Furthermore, they have a plentiful array of so many pretty colors, patterns, and styles that can suit anyone’s style!

Traditional decor lovers will love the Threshold line of linens. They are classic, soft, and elegant.

Casaluna provides linen bedding. If you know anything about linen bedding, it can be super pricey. But Target offers the luxurious feel of linen without going for broke.

Lastly, Opalhouse has beautiful bohemian patterns that I absolutely love. I’m not a fan of the Room Essentials line of bedding however. The Room Essentials line’s thread count is entirely too low. (I made them work during college though!)

Above all, there’s a specific line of bedding that I think is the best. The Threshold line at Target has a specific set of sheets call Performance. Y’all – these performance sheets are the truth!

Why the Threshold performance sheets are the best affordable bed sheets for 2024

A woman in a tie dye hoodie spreads out a blue fitted sheet.

They are soft and breathable.

I have learned not to get too caught up on thread count. In my opinion, thread count isn’t an indicator of softness at the lower price points, the exception being the 170 count of the Room Essentials sheets I mentioned earlier.


Hot sleepers: Use lower count sheets for more breathability and a cooler sleep.

In contrast, the Threshold performance sheets send to be 400 count. Usually, 400 count sheets are not known to be the softest. However, these are super soft after the first wash. Additionally, the lower thread count means more breathability. Hot sleepers, this is perfect for you!

A woman in a tie dye hoodie puts a blue fitted sheet on a bed in a boho inspired guest bedroom. These sheets from Threshold from Target is the best sheets in 2022.

They are easy to clean.

We are tough on our sheets. Not to get too explicit, but there are times when sheets just simply need a deep cleaning. Sometimes, with cheap sheets, it is easy to wear holes in them from using different detergents and soaps. Thankfully, that has not been a problem with our performance sheets.

Specifically, I have both hand washed and machine washed these Threshold performance sheets in detergent, dish soap, and the notoriously aggressive-on-fabric culprit, vinegar. Fortunately, our oldest set of performance sheets are still holding up after six years! Through many washes, they still are true to its original colors.

A woman in a tie dye hoodie smooths out a blue fitted sheet.

They don’t slip and slide.

I move around in my sleep and I despise when I wake up with a corner of my fitted sheet no longer fitted on my mattress! With other sheets, I’ve used those fitted sheet clips that supposedly hold your fitted sheet down. Pfttt! They suck!

Thankfully, the new iterations of Target’s sheets have built in straps that help their fitted sheet stay in place.

That’s it! That’s my pick for The best affordable bed sheets for 2024. In short, it is possible to get great bedding for a low price.


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