Yes, it’s possible to place a bed against a window. Find out how you can put your bed against a window without destroying your wall or window. 

These solutions work if you have a headboard!

How to place a bed against a window

Why put a bed against a window?

There are many reasons why you might place a bed against a window in a bedroom

For example, you may have a small room or need to place a bed in a certain direction. That may force you to put your bed in front of a window. 

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid it!

What to consider before putting your bed against a window

Think about these three factors before you move your furniture into place.

Safety first!

Firstly, you want to make sure you have at least one window that you can open and escape from in case of a fire. Therefore, if you place a bed against or in front of a window, be sure to have another window that isn’t blocked by furniture.


If your window is low enough, you don’t want your headboard to fall into your window. As a result, you’ll want to space your bed away from the window just in case. Your window sill could help with that, but I’m sure you would want to be extra safe.

Window treatments

Additionally, if you want long curtains or drapes for your window, you will need space for them. You need space between the bed and the window to let your curtains fall.

How to place a bed against a window

Putting your bed in front of a window or against a window is easier than you think. First, I’ll share a DIY method (You’ll need a few dollars and about ten minutes). Then, I’ll share a ready-made solution

How to place a bed against a low window

Option 1: Bed against low window

Install braces in the back of your headboard. If your window is low, you can install braces on each side of the window.

bed under window

Option 2: Bed below high window

For high windows, you can install a single brace in the middle of the headboard, directly below the window.

How to make DIY wall braces for a bed against a window

You can make DIY wall braces for less than $10.


Step 1: Cut the boards

First, cut the board in 6 inch pieces. If you don’t have a saw, you can ask a store associate at your home improvement store to cut the lumber for you.

Step 2: Add felt

Then, you need to protect your wall. Add a felt sticker to one 2 inch side of the brace. Consequently, the felt sticker will prevent the lumber from scratching your wall over time.

Save this pin!

Step 3: Add screws

Lastly, screw your brace into the back of your headboard. Screw one 3 inch screw on each side of your brace. Screw in on a diagonal so that the screw goes through both the brace and the headboard.

…or you can buy a brace for a bed against a window

In the end, if you don’t want to make your own wall braces, you can buy them inexpensively. Thus, buy them in black or in white to suit your bedroom decor needs.

Afterwards, you can adjust the depth of the brace and they come with felt pads already. Screw the brace to the back of the headboard.

In conclusion

It’s cheap and easy to place a bed against a window or even under a window. If you have any questions or any design dilemmas, let me know in the comments!



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