Want a luxe pillow arrangement on your bed? Get full, fluffy pillows now!

four euro pillows for king bed pillow arrangement

The best way to get big, fluffy pillows for your bed

There’s something about the feeling of soft, yet firm pillows that you get at hotels that just feel special to me. Many of us like to bring that vacation feeling back home with us. So why not have big, fluffy hotel pillows at home?

Why are hotel pillows so fluffy?

It’s all about the filling. Many times, those fancy feeling hotel pillows are feather down pillows. That’s the key to getting soft and fluffy pillows.

Why do feather down pillows feel like the best pillow?

Feather down pillows, in my opinion, feel more luxurious because they feel very soft. Particularly, they are indeed filled with one of the softest things ever: feathers!

Additionally, they are easily moldable back to a fluffy state. That’s much better than polyester fill pillows that often maintain their form until a person’s natural oils are absorbed by the pillow. The oil contributes to the pillow breaking down. Then, it becomes lumpy and loses its shape.

Possible drawbacks to feather down pillows

Of course, there are times that polyester fill throw pillows are better. For instance, if you have a particular allergy or skin sensitivity, down feather pillows may not be for you. You could try plastic pillow covers, but you may dislike the sound of those.

big fluffy pillows on your bed hellohomegirl

The places to buy feather down pillow inserts


I usually buy my pillow inserts from IKEA. They provide the most cost effective options for most pillow inserts, especially if you live nearby a store. I usually order online for pick up to avoid the temptation maze that is IKEA!

The specific line of IKEA inserts I like the best is the FJÄDRAR line. They offer sizes 20 x 20 and my favorite, 26 x 26.

However, you may not live near an IKEA. If you don’t, you can order them online for an at home delivery.

If this is not an option, I’ve collected a couple similar options from other retailers for you just in case!


Amazon offers a pack of two pillow inserts full feather down. However, the outer shell is polyester, not cotton. In this case, it may feel a little different than the IKEA version without the pillow cover. But, you’ll get the overall big and fluffy pillow look you’re going for.

Ballard Designs

In addition, Ballard Designs are known for having fabulous pillow cover and inserts options. This pillow insert is a down feather filled with a cotton outer shell, making the closest makeup to the IKEA version.

Anyways, do you want to know my secret to jumbo fluffy pillows? It’s easier than you think.

The best way to create big, fluffy pillows for your bed

How to create big, fluffy pillows

Buy feather down inserts

Firstly, get feather pillow inserts. Furthermore, keep in mind that they are not stuffed full of feathers. Think of feather inserts like a box of cereal or a bag of chips: it’s about 60 to 70 percent full. The rest is air. It’s the same thing with feather down pillows inserts.

Choose the right pillow cover size

To get the super full look, the pillow cover must be smaller than the inserts’ dimensions. For example, if your euro sham is 18 x 18, then choose an insert that is at least 20 x 20.

put two inserts in one sham

Double up

The trick is to put two pillow inserts into one pillow cover. Sure, it takes a little bit of wrestling, but the final look is so worth it!

This trick works because feather down pillows can move around easily. Polyester fill maintains its shape, so it’s not as easy to double up those as easily as feather down inserts.

Pillow Tip!

Stuff two pillow inserts in one cover for an even fluffier pillow.

Take my pillows for instance. The pillow cover size that I use for my big fluffy pillows is 26 x 26. Also, the pillow inserts are 26 x 26. But, by the time I stuff two inserts in the pillow cover after I fluff it out, the inserts’ dimensions are greater than the cover!

Toss and fluff

Because you now have two inserts in one cover, your pillow may look a little lumpy at first. So, be sure to toss and beat the pillow for the feathers inside to distribute evenly.

How to place a bed against a low window

What are euro pillows and euro shams?

When referring to bed settings, these big fluffy pillows are referred to as a euro pillow due its square shape. Most euro pillow inserts are 26 inches by 26 inches. 

Those super big 26 x 26 pillows usually go on bed as opposed to couches or in chairs. Also, they can go in front or behind of sleeping pillows. It’s whatever your design calls for!

Also, the pillow covers for these are sometimes called euro shams. In sum, these euro pillows are usually decorative, like they are in a fabulous hotel. But, they can be pragmatic as well. Keep reading the next section to see what I mean.

Why it’s good to have big, fluffy pillows for your bed

For support

These super stuffed pillows help you to sit up in bed. That’s great for reading or watching TV in bed. Additionally, I recently had to sit up while sleeping – doctor’s orders. Yep, it sucked, but my big fluffy pillows helped to keep my back supported.

Plus, they are the best pillows for neck and shoulder pain because you can mold them to how you need them to support your body.

hellohomegirl A boho designed bedroom contains bed linens from Target. The Threshold performance sheets are the best sheets in 2022.

For style

I used to be a minimalist when it came to bed pillows: two sleeping pillows and that’s it. Many bed settings that I love take the minimalist approach beautifully. However, for the reasons I listed above, I’ve stepped into my maximalist era when it comes to our current pillow arrangement!

For our king bed pillow arrangement, we used four euro pillows against the headboard. Four is the ideal for king sized beds. Subtract one as you go down in mattress sizes. Therefore:

  • 3 euro sized pillows = queen size bed
  • 2 euro sized pillows = full/double size bed
  • 1 euro sized pillows = twin size bed

For instance, our guest bedroom has a full/double sized bed with two euro pillows!

Euro Pillow Guide

These are the general amount of euro pillows you should use for each bed size.

  • 4 euro sized pillows = king size bed
  • 3 euro sized pillows = queen size bed
  • 2 euro sized pillows = full/double size bed
  • 1 euro sized pillows = twin size bed

In conclusion, where you love the look or need the support, consider designing your bed with euro size feather down pillows and let me know what you think! This is the best way to get big, fluffy pillows for your bed!



Did you create a big, fluffy pillow?

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