There is a time for everything. A time for action, a time to contemplate, and time to rest. I chose to do all three this week. And for that reason, I chose to pause on finishing my hallway by the One Room Challenge deadline.

unfinished one room challenge hallway project

More than eight weeks ago, I made plans for my hallway transformation. I still stand by my helpful planning guide to completing the One Room Challenge by the deadline. I could have finished because of this! Planning really makes all the difference because you can control when you complete the steps to finishing a space. However, especially when working in your own home, I have learned it is better to work inspired rather than drained. You cannot truly plan for the calamity of the world.

We know there’s always so much going on among mankind at all times. But it’s something when you feel a personal connection to the bad things that happen. Because I am not completing someone else’s space, I had space to step away and process my sadness around the events that have happened recently. board and batten close up

Before I chose to pause, I completed the board and batten project that I initially included in my mood board. I’ll detail the process in detail at a later date. Ultimately, I felt that this project, in the context of all in the world — particularly in my country — seems trivial. I felt it would be inappropriate for me to carry on in this moment.

Thank you for following the One Room Challenge here on Hello Home, Girl. In the near future, I will finish and reveal. I hope you stay tuned to see the final product.

In the meantime, I encourage you to pause, reflect, hold crucial conversations, and outwardly express your admiration for your loved ones. Let’s put forth action to enact positive change for our collective future!



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