This week, I was a bit delayed and installing the wallpaper because of two reasons. First, I started to change my mind. I’m chronically indecisive all of the time. I almost did an emergency order of the Geo wallpaper, but I only talked myself down due to the type time table.

Furthermore, I didn’t order enough wallpaper. I repeatedly calculated the dimensions and square feet over and over again. However, the doorways really threw a wrench and my plans and calculations and how much paper I needed minimized excessive waste.

To be honest, I didn’t perfectly smooth down the texture of the walls. I warned you guys on Instagram I wasn’t doing that again! It’s a little textured and bumpy, but I don’t really care.

Thinking back, I think I should have selected a different project for the one room challenge. That’s because some other manufacturers of wallpaper suggest letting paint cure for 30 days before wallpaper application. Also, they suggest sticking their paper over paint with Sheen such as satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss. I painted the wall flat. So, I’m thinking removing the wallpaper will be rather interesting to say the least. I’m thinking that wallpaper will be stuck on there for real!

My back and forth cost me days worth of work unfortunately. So whether or not I’m unsure about my choice, I’m just going with it! I’m not going to say it’s just wallpaper (because I spent my hard-earned dollars on it it – ain’t cheap), but I know that it’ll be good enough for some time until I muster up the energy to rework this area and apply something else.



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