hellohomegirl hallway before the makeover ORC. A white hallway with wood floors and diplomas and photos on the walls.
Will the third time be a charm? We’ll see!

Ideas for the hallway: One Room Challenge, Week 1

You’d be surprised how often you use your hallway. Heck, it’s definitely more time than I previously realized! I think hallways and other transition spaces get overlooked because they are utilitarian in nature. You probably don’t notice your hallway on your way getting from Room A to Room B. Nonetheless, why can’t a hallway be both purposeful and beautiful?

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For my third time participating in the One Room Challenge, I’ll be transforming our hallway. I know, I know – it seems to be a simpler space to transform. However, this small space packs quite the punch and presents great challenges!

Let the games begin!

Old ceiling attic access door with string

Why transform the hallway?

Just as with the guest bedroom (my last ORC project), I want to ensure that my dad can navigate with no problems. Thus, we’ll make sure that the hallway is conducive for his mode of transportation. That means, of course, no fragile items in his direct pathway that he can break on accident. Everything in the hallway has to be semi-precious. It’s okay that the hallway walls and the trim work will be dented because that’s what happens when you are using a wheelchair and you don’t have a lot of clearance. No big deal; perfection is not the goal.

Primary DIY projects for the hallway

broken attic door in the ceiling

Board and batten

Firstly, we’re going to continue wrapping the board and batten around one wall of the hallway. Truly, I have been avoiding this project even though I planned it out long ago. To be brutally honest, that board and batten wall was my primary grieving project after my mom passed away. I guess I’ve been avoiding going back into that project to avoid those initial sad feelings again. However, wrapping the board and batten all around one wall will add a lot more depth, interest, and character to the aesthetic of our home. I really need to finish that project not only for beauty, but for my heart as well.

Hallway attic door

Secondly, we need to address something practical. Like many ranch style homes, our attic entry door is in the hallway ceiling. Unfortunately, our attic access door does not close completely. As a result, our heating and cooling is escaping into the attic, making our home less energy efficient. That definitely needs to be fixed to help save money on the electric bill and protect our interiors from exposure to the attic. Also, we need to replace the attic ladder because it’s missing a step. We have to improve safety.

hallway with half completed board and batten in entryway. A light fixture without a globe is also seen in view.

Fancy walls

Lastly, if time permits, we’ll add some visual interest by installing wallpaper. I want to do something more than just painting the walls white after doing all of this work! Why not go all the way with some cool removable wallpaper? Adding wallpaper is a big undertaking, even with peel and stick! Essentially, it is easier said than done. But hopefully, the result will be worth the struggle.


Ohhh….I forgot to mention that we’ll be improving our lighting again, just like we did in the dining room (our first ORC project)! Currently, the hallway is a bit dark. There is only one light for the whole hallway and it casts really ugly shadows. New LED lights really freshen up a space! Plus, bright lights help my dad navigate life. I can only imagine what it feels like to essentially believe you’re walking in the dark with minimal or no overhead lighting. That’s why we’re going to add some extra lighting for when Dad’s walking in the hallway.


We are not making the hallway any wider. That’s because our bedrooms are quite small. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of space to subtract from the rooms off the hallway in order to make a wider space. In fact, if we were to widen the hallway, it would literally affect every room in our house including bathrooms and bedrooms. No thanks! We’ll just deal with what we got.

Mood boards for hallway ideas

I got a few of mood boards that I am considering for this makeover. Of course, I always think that it is better to have multiple mood boards and select the one that I’m feeling the most.

hellohomegirl hallway idea 1. A light colored organically drawn squiggle wallpaper.
Hallway idea #1

The first idea is a more light and airy choice. I’m really enjoying the curves and squiggles in the wallpaper! It might be worthwhile since the hallway is already dark.

hellohomegirl hallway idea 2. Emerald green abstract wallpaper for a bold look.
Hallway idea #2

Idea number two is a more dramatic and bold design. The design is emerald green and is one I haven’t seen before. Although the hallway is currently dark, maybe we can swing this after adding the extra lighting.

hellohomegirl hallway idea 3. Grasscloth tan wallpaper for an organic and bohemian texture.
Hallway idea #3

Mood board number three is definitely a more bohemian and organic option. It’s a grass cloth tan with pink undertones. All of the rooms in our home has a little bit of pink in each, so this may be a unifying motif that links the entire house together.

To sum it up, that’s the general plan for the hallway renovation. For such a small space, the hallway makeover will be enough of a challenge to make this cycle of the ORC interesting!

Are you participating in the One Room Challenge? If so, let me know in the comments. If you’re not participating in the One Room Challenge, what types of spaces are you looking forward to seeing during this cycle? I look forward to reading your comments below.


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  1. I love all the wallpaper choices – I immediately thought #3 would feel right at home with your guestroom and dining room projects! Can’t wait to see how this comes together. Those in-between spaces are a dark horse! <3

  2. This is going to be so beautiful! I’m drawn to the third wallpaper option. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom – I can’t imagine how hard the board and batten will be to tackle.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. It’s very sweet that you are taking your dad’s mobility into consideration in your design process.

    I’m partial to the third option!! I think the pink undertones would serve as a nice transition color. I can’t wait to see which option you choose.