As a new college grad, I moved out on my own and bought a ladder for the first time. Before, I was just used to standing on a chair to access out of reach items. But when I finally used my new apparatus (before it was covered in paint), I asked myself, “Why didn’t I buy this years ago?” It’s something so simple that I made do without. But the simple use of the correct device made jobs easier one step at a time!

There are six tools new homeowners need to buy right now.
A new homeowner should buy these six tools now!

I know you know this already, but let me reiterate this critical message: everything is easier with the proper tools. Don’t let Miss Tik Tok fool you; yes, you can flat iron your hair with a clothing iron, but why not make the job easier with a flat iron? You could struggle folding your chip bag closed, or you could simply use a chip clip instead!

I know you’re asking, “Are tools really THAT important to me as a new homeowner?”

As a new homeowner, you will struggle with getting things done around the house. Yes, even your new build that you customized to a tee. You are going to get excited to make your house your home and purchase furniture and art to achieve your vision. Keep tools on hand to accomplish your mission. What if you buy a crazy big furniture piece that forces you to disassemble it to get through a door? What tools do you have to help?

You definitely are going to go on an emotional roller coaster, so clutch your hammer and get ready for the ride.

For the crazy DIYers who got yourself a fixer upper (yup, I’m one of the crazies), it is imperative you have a good stash of basic tools that will assist with the demo and necessary repairs as well. You definitely are going to go on an emotional roller coaster, so clutch your hammer and get ready for the ride.

Here are my recommendations of six must-have tools to buy at the beginning of your new home ownership journey.


Starting off with the Superman of tools, the pry bar is nothing short of wonderful. Actually, our household refers to it as “The Wonder Bar.” It is, by far, the most versatile tool in the house. We’ve used our pry bar to remove trim from the walls, extract nails and tact strips from the foundation, and create room when installing our tongue-and-groove floors (post coming soon!) amongst over jobs. The pry bar is the MVP tool for DIYers.


Why do people say paint is easy to change? It’s cardio with roller brush in your hand! If painting is the easiest part of a home reno, then holy crickets reno is hard!!! Purchasing a paint spray may seem dramatic, but when you intend on painting all the walls in your entire house, it can really shave at least an hour off the workday. I have been satisfied with my Wagner paint sprayer (although it’s been stated this one is better for indoor use) purchased at Home Depot and I truly wished I purchased it at the onset of our reno. I acknowledge that you’ve still have to use the roll method of painting sometimes. However, I consider a paint sprayer an investment that pays for itself. Don’t be cheap! Your energy is valuable, even when it comes to painting.


It’s not a tool in the traditional sense, but boy does it make every job easier. We purchased this at the recommendation of a longtime construction worker, so it’s legit. It saves a ton of stress off your back as you can maintain a wider stance at a greater height. For example, when I painted our ceilings, using the platform helped me to not be so fatigued and better control my paint distribution.


New homeowners need hammers. I suggest the Husky 16 once hammer, avaiable at Home Depot.
Hammer it home.

Everybody has a hammer. But I specifically recommend at least the 16 oz. roofing hammer. Why? Well, I’m a weakling and need a hammer with a little more power behind it. Before our house, I had a lightweight hammer suitable for hanging pictures and whatnot. But that heavier hammer helped when removing the solid plank of wood atop the pony wall in my entryway.


Sanding is one of the most crucial steps in a paint job. Seriously. The quality of a paint job is partly continent on how smooth of a surface in with you started. Precisely, my sander has been fantastic when rehabbing my doors. So instead of buying brand new doors, I just fixed the ones I had already!


New homeowners also need a drill. I recommend battery-operated drills. The Dewalt and Ryobi cordless drills won't break the bank.
Major tool: the drill.

Duh. This is the no-brainer of all no-brainers. Seriously, if you just bought a house and you don’t have a drill, acquire one immediately!!! I have hung my curtains with a Philips screwdriver and stubbornness, so it is possible. But, again, preserve your energy and let drills do the work! I prefer battery operated drills (like this one) to avoid fighting with cords. There are also cool attachments that increase work efficiency, which I will cover in an upcoming post.

The cheapest time to buy new tools

In my opinion, the best times to buy new tools are June and November/December. Particularly December. Home Depot generally begin their Black Friday deals a week before the official day. It is better to walk the store to see what they have marked down as it can slightly vary from store to store. December is optimal tool buying time, as they move their tools to the middle of the main walkway of the store. Don’t forget to check other hardware stores in your area as well. Additionally, buying tools in sets can save you some money. Nonetheless, I recommend you buy these six tools at the beginning of your home ownership journey simply to make life easier. Don’t be too caught up on buying them on sale.

The gifts that keep giving working

I urge people to consider giving these tools as housewarming presents! New homeowners are so overwhelmed and mentally exhausted from the grueling buying process, so they are not thinking about which gear they need straightaway. You could buy them an orchid that will probably die in a week, orrrrr you can give the lovely gift of an pry bar. They’ll probably look at you funny and fake a “thank you.” Weeks later, they will scream THANK YOU to the heavens when they finally use the pry bar after wasting time and energy getting their 1980s vanity out their half bath. Whew. Minor vent there, but you get the gist.

So, there you have it! Now you, new homeowner, have these six tools to buy now! Current homeowners, do you agree with the list? Did I leave anything off? Feel free to share in the comments! You can see me actually use the aforementioned tools, or you can follow along on Instagram. You can also get to know me a little more here.

Be blessed,


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  1. Definitely agree! Even as an artist, a lot of these come in handy. And just for living in a 4 wall shelter, a dill and hammer can take you far. Ladders are a definite plug, especially; for all the shorties. 😂

    Great post!