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Fear and procrastination: MANTRAS WE FIGHT

There are many inherently human experiences that link us all together: joy, heartache, hunger…and in this case, fear and procrastination. Yup — good ol’ I’ll-do-it-next-month that turns into next year that turns into the next house I move to. Ick.

Fear not, I’m finally getting started.

I am the queen of the procrastination party. Back in the day, I was the gal cramming for the final exam the night before. I buy birthday presents the day before a party. I call customer service at 4:30 (forgive me!). This blog is no exception to my finicky ways.

I feel like there are many inherently human experiences that link us all together: joy, heartache, hunger…and in this case, procrastination.

We procrastinate, partly, from fear of not excelling.

We procrastinate, partly, from fear of not excelling. The fear of epically failing a class. The fear of my friend hating her birthday present. The fear of the customer service rep chewing me out.

In other words, fear is a slippery slope. Fear can keep you safe from touching hot stove tops. It can also keep stifle your growth from learning from others. And to be transparent, I am a fearful person by nature. For instance, I remember how nervous I was just to knock down my first wall in my house!

I was so fearful of putting myself out on the internet and letting folks into my home renovation journey. How would I be perceived if I did something wrong? What if people think of my taste as tacky? What if my content isn’t as curated as others? Is my voice really a necessary addition to the crowded space that is the internet? What if I suck?

Fear can prohibit or propel. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

Dreams deferred

Back in 2014, I originally had an idea to start a blog about how to slowly furnish your apartment as a young adult. Do you want to know the name? It was called itneverexistedbecauseiprocrastinatedduetofear. Dot com, of course. To clarify, I didn’t see myself as cool enough to be an authoritative stance on the topic. In 2014, I did not tell anyone about my idea.

Five years later, my partner and I purchased our first home. Friends told us repeatedly, “Make a youtube channel!” I’m so glad we did because I realized the medium that I really felt invested in. Thankfully, I then realized, “Hmm…I think there are some things I prefer to write.”

I want you to push past procrastination and fear to cultivate the space you’ve always desired.

Furthermore, I’m aching to see people like myself in the blogsphere. I am not a connoisseur of farmhouse decor, even though I draw inspiration for the style. I don’t have a house flooding from natural light like all of the instagram influencers. When I say I am on a budget, I really mean it. I don’t just say I am on a budget while purchasing a rug for $500. Those are the truths that I aim to enrich.

Be unafraid to cultivate home and heart. Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels.

Well, here we go!



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  1. Ahhhhh! I’m so excited. It’s here. You’re here. You’re doing it. I am so proud of you!

    In a normal comment: This is a great first post. I can’t wait to read/see more content from you. It’s funny how many of us overthink almost everything we do to the size of the letter T. I am guilty, but I am less fearful and more confident. To every question, the answer will either be yes or no, and there’s nothing wrong with either one when you’re doing what’s best for you. #growth #hellohomegirl #roommay