Finally, our hallway is brighter and we’ve retained our ceiling height. Here’s how you can replace an old boob light with a modern, recessed light.

How to replace a boob light with a recessed light

How to replace a boob light with a recessed light

For the longest, I’ve been staring at the old ceiling light socket without the old boob bulb for years now. Of course, we planned to change it out earlier this year, but we needed time to really decide what we truly wanted. We then knew what we wanted was not a simple switch but rather a conversion.

unfinished one room challenge hallway project
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If you’re doing this yourself, try at your own risk! Always shut off your power first. Now, let’s get into the details to do this job.

What you’ll need

You probably will want to assemble these tools firstly to do this job!

How to replace a boob light with a recessed light in 8 steps

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll need to do for your new light fixture!

Step 1 (the most important step!)

First, shut off your power.

How to replace a boob light with a recessed light. removing an old boob light fixture from a hallway ceiling.

Step 2

Secondly, remove your old fixture.

A man draws a circle for a recessed light using a template and blue sharpie marker.

Step 3

Next, use the template provided with your recessed light to draw an outline with a marker or pencil.

Step 4

Then, you’re ready to cut out the space for your recessed light. Use either a drywall saw or an oscillating tool to cut the hole. 

We couldn’t find our drywall saw, so we used our oscillating tool instead.

Always dry fit your light fixture before wiring it into place! How to install recessed lighting.

Step 5

Afterwards, dry fit your light fixture by squeezing the clamps of the back of the recessed light. You may need to use a utility knife to clean up or make the hole for the light slightly larger.

Step 6

Snap the light in place and head to the attic to wire up the new light.

what an LED light looks like inside an attic. Blown in insulation surrounds the light.

Step 7

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for exactly how to properly wire up your new recessed light fixture. Often, the manufacturer has a video to accompany the directions!

We used a flathead screwdriver to pop open the sides of the electrical box. Then, we just connect the similar colored wires!

Wire nuts were not needed. Wire connector nuts are included with our recessed light!

Step 8

Lastly, turn the power back on and marvel at your work!

Quick Tip!

Always shut off your power first before removing your old boob light and wiring your new recessed lighting!

Why a recessed light instead of a light fixture?

With our 8 foot ceilings, we are always thinking about saving as much ceiling height as possible. Therefore, we tend to install flush mount lights most of the time.

I was super close to installing another flush mount light, but opted to go to the recessed light in case we wanted to install a second light for an even brighter hallway.

Additionally, we bought a bunch of recessed lights (also known as pot lights sometimes) in bulk. So, we’re saving a little bit of money by replacing the boob light with a recessed light.

And that’s how to replace a boob light with a recessed light!

How to replace a boob light with a recessed light

In conclusion, I’m very happy we went the recessed light route. It doesn’t heat up like the old light. Plus, it doesn’t stand out or take away from the wallpaper in the hallway.

Have you ever installed recessed lighting? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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