Mission DIY returns!
Mission DIY returns!

After a necessary sabbatical, I am returning to DIY and hellohomegirl.com again! So much has changed since the last post! However, I intend to continue my mission of being a resource for DIY enthusiasts and new homeowners on a small budget! I still feel called to speak up for people like me. People who bought a house with such little knowledge but a heap of anxiety.

Why return to DIY?

A source of my motivation to return to the trenches stems from a super cool feature! First, I am featured as a featured blogger over at ShoutOut DFW under “The Characteristics & Habits That Matter.” Additionally, I have an individual feature that shares more about me as well. So exciting! This is the first time this has happened to me, so I am nervous — but enthused — to share my knowledge to greater masses. Mission DIY is reaching more people!

What’s next?

The next article will be a continuation of my last. It will provide tips on hiring out projects that you don’t want to DIY. Sounds counterintuitive, huh? Well, it actually isn’t contra to a DIYer’s principles. It actually aligns perfectly! It will all make sense in no time.

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I cannot wait to showcase all the projects we have worked on in this time away from the blog! (A HUGE DIY transformation is going on as we speak!) Even though I have been inactive here on the blog, I have remained active on my Instagram page. For all the latest news and real-time DIY and home decor, catch me over there! And to tide you over, you can read my last article or get a little information about me!

Until then, see you soon!


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