Take your picture frame from boring and basic to beautiful and chic. Here are three ways to customize a picture frame under $10.

Eclectic gallery wall. There are different To Customize A Picture Frame Under $10.
Eclectic gallery wall

Three Ways To Customize A Picture Frame Under $10

Picture Frame Idea 1: Spray paint!

Spray paint is the easiest way to customize a picture frame under $10. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to change the color of your picture frame. Thus, you can suit your specific home’s color scheme.

How to spray paint a picture frame

Step 1: Pick your frames and color

Firstly, choose your spray paint color. For instance, I spray painted two picture frames I found at the thrift store for about $3 to $5 each.

Step 2: Spray on the color

Secondly, spray 1-2 coats of paint of your desired color. I spray painted mine black to match the fixtures throughout my house. I recommend using a grip so your trigger finger doesn’t get tired.

Step 3: Spray a clear top coat

Then, spray a clear top coat so that your frames are less likely to chip! Additionally, I used a matte gloss clear coat to make the picture frames less shiny.

Overall, I really feel like the black frames make my art stand out even further.

Gallery wall

Picture Frame Idea 2: Add hardware

Next, you can add hardware to your frames. This one is a little unconventional, but hear me out! 

I have a lovely campaign style cabinet. Campaign style furniture usually features decorative hardware usually in gold. I chose to tie my campaign dresser to my picture frames in the same room for a cohesive look. As a result, I came up with the idea to add hardware on the picture frames to tie it all together

I purchased three picture frames from Target’s Bullseye Playground. The larger ones were $5, a great price for a frame of its size. Additionally, the smaller frame was $3. 


If you want to add hardware, be sure to choose a frame with flat face.

If you know anything about the Bullseye Playground (as it’s called now – it used to be the Dollar Spot), you know that you will have to look out for this item because it comes and goes with seasons.

However, you can add hardware to any frame with a flat face!

How to add hardware to a picture frame

Step 1: Purchased the L-brackets

Make sure they are the right size by measuring the width of the frame. My frames were only an inch wide, so the width of my brackets were an inch.

Step 2: Spray paint the brackets (optional)

For example, I painted mine gold to tie in with my campaign dresser. Moreover, I kept the silver screws because I like the mixed metals look. 

Step 3: Drill pilot holes

First, position the brackets on the frame and mark the middle of each screw hole. That’s where you’ll drill your pilot holes!

Then, use the smallest drill bit to slowly drill the pilot holes in the frame. Be careful to not accidentally split the frame wood. Afterward, use a slightly larger drill bit to make the pilot holes a little bit larger. 


If you don’t already have a drill, simply super glue the brackets into place.

Step 4: add the screws

Now that the pilot holes are large enough, slowly drill in the brackets into place with the screws.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a drill already, you can skip drilling and the screws. Simply super glue the brackets into place.

All things considered, I achieved this look for $10: $5 frame $5 for the brackets. I used spray paint that I had on hand from another project. So, this look was achieved inexpensively!

So, I instantly upgraded a $5 frame to something a little bit more special just by adding some brackets to the frame.

Watch the process

Check out the entire process of this picture frame craft from beginning to end.

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Gold frame with anthropologie print via Artfully walls. The art is red, blue, and pink with blue and white flowers on a coral ikat wallpaper

Picture Frame Idea 3: Add a picture frame mat

Adding a mat not only frames your artwork in a special kind of way, it instantly upgrades the look of your picture frame! A lot of times we will purchase art without mats such as prints and photos.

However, you can buy a mat an appropriately sized mat for your picture frame separately! Furthermore, you can buy mats in a myriad of colors including black, green, white and blue.


For an extra special look, pick a colorful mat to bring out the colors in your artwork.

Where can I buy a picture mat?

You can buy a mat at a photo store or at a crafts store such as Michael’s. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you’ll find colorful picture frame mats in the thrift store, too!

How to pick to choose the right mat

White mat with the frame size 11x14 and image size 8x10
Step 1: Buy the right mat

The trick to buying appropriately sized mats is to measure the opening of the mat. The opening of the mat should be the same size or a little bit smaller than your artwork.

For example, I purchased a cool print to get the Anthropologie look for my own home. The print size was 8×10. So, I bought a mat that had an opening of 8×10 also. 

Step 2: Measure the inside

Furthermore, the overall size of your at (the outside measurements), measure the outer dimensions of the mat. It will be a larger size. 

For clarity, my overall mat size is 11×14. That’s because the opening was 8×10. The mat was 3 inches thick on 3 sides (8+3=11) and 4 inches on the final side (10+4=14).

Step 3: Measure the outside

That larger size – the outside dimensions of the mat – should be the size of your picture frame.

STEP 4: Choose your frame

At last, I placed my artwork and mat inside an 11×14 picture frame that I got from – you guessed it – the thrift store! 

I not only got the Anthropologie art look on a budget. I also upgraded the artwork with a nice and clean white picture frame mat. Now the colors of the artwork truly pops.

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shelves in thrift store
Photo by withatices ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏ on Pexels.com

Where are the best places to buy affordable picture frames?

Truly, the sky’s the limit with a little imagination and creativity!

Thrift stores

Remember, you can buy picture frames from thrift stores. Actually, that’s where I get most of my picture frames from. They always have a large selection from which to choose. 

Garage sales

I love a good garage sale. I find that garage sales are great for negotiating prices and finding more unique picture frames.


If a frame you like has artwork inside that you dislike, simply cut out the artwork and add in whatever artwork you want! 

Craft stores

I’ve also bought artwork from craft stores and cut out the old artwork they had in there as well. Then, I added my own artwork.

No matter what, it doesn’t even matter to me if a picture frame from the thrift store, a garage sale, or a craft store already has art  in it. In the end, I will cut out the artwork and add in whatever artwork I want. 

In conclusion, these three ways to customize a picture frame under $10 are super easy! If you’re up to try one or you’ve tried these picture frame ideas in the past, let me know in the comments!



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