Hey Anthropologie lovers! If you are looking to get that perfectly chic piece of art without the steep price, I got the perfect solution for you!

I researched and researched, digitally digging for “red, pink, and blue” color schemes to inspire me for the guest room for the One Room Challenge to no avail. I even came up empty when perusing the Pinterest streets. 

And then, I saw it — the perfect piece with my desired color palette!

Gold frame with anthropologie print via Artfully walls. The art is red, blue, and pink with blue and white flowers on a coral ikat wallpaper
DIY Anthropologie art

Thankfully, I fell in love with this gorgeous art from Anthropologie. It had all the colors I wanted together in harmony, reaffirming that my desired color palette does, in fact, make sense! However, the price tag had me shaking in my boots! So I asked myself, how can I get this look for less?

Comparing prices

On the Anthropologie site, they mention that the actual print is from Artfully Walls. I headed over to the site to compare buying the print on its own versus buying the print with the frame on Anthropologie’s site. The difference was astronomical.

First, the print by itself was about $40 via Artfully Walls. In contrast, the frame and print combination from Anthropologie came in at a cool $178! Essentially, Anthropologie was charging about $130 for the frame alone! That made my decision super clear. In the end, I got the print via Artfully Walls with a little promo code that knocked the price down to about $30 before shipping and tax.

Thrifted gold frame with musical notes and lighthouse
A thrifted gold frame. Perfect for my Anthropologie print.

What about the frame?

I was fortunate to thrift a frame for 99 cents recently! I got it because it felt substantial in weight. Also, I appreciated how the thrifted frame kept the gold look of the Anthropologie, just in a different style. It had some other stuff in it that I removed. It seems that it was a sweet gift to a teacher from her students. I made sure to keep the note on the back for a sentimental moment!

A sweet note from 2002 from students to a teacher
What a sweet note!

Additionally, I prefer my prints matted. Therefore, I got a $3 mat from a craft store. The frame was 11×14, so I got an 11×14 frame with an 8×10 cut out for a chic look.

Three tips for getting Anthropologie art for less

Here are a couple of tips for getting Anthro art without Anthro prices!

Search for the image on art sites

Think Artfully Walls, Minted, and art.com. Sometimes, you can find your desired print on these design sites. Personally, I was impressed with Artfully Walls’ selection, fast shipping, and customer service responsiveness. This isn’t sponsored, so this is my unabridged opinion!

Thrift a frame

Find a similar style frame in the thrift store. I actually recommend keeping a small stash of frames just in case you stumble upon some cool art. When thrifting frames, consider its potential! You can definitely swap out the art that comes with the frame to something better.

White mat with the frame size 11x14 and image size 8x10
Mats add an upgraded look to an art print.


If I want to, I could have skipped the photo mat to be truer to the Anthropologie piece. Nevertheless, I chose to add the mat to suit my tastes. I could have added white around the edge of the frame to be closer to the Anthro piece for added customization too.

Overall, it’s extremely easy to achieve the Anthropologie look for less! Did you find inspiration? Let me know below and check out the ORC blog for more great ideas.



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  1. I love that your framing choices make your art suite your space – the Anthro framing feels a bit cottagey to me! Love a good thrifted frame – I definitely have a stash awaiting that perfect art!