Try This Really Easy And Stylish Couch Makeover Hack

Try this really easy and stylish couch makeover hack to upgrade your old IKEA couch. Give it a fresh new look!

Do you want to give your old couch a new look? There are many ways to upgrade your old sofa without breaking the bank or doing too much work. 

Our sofa is the old IKEA Harnosand sofa. It has long been discontinued and I’ve had it for quite some time. Long time readers may recognize that I‘ve been on the hunt for a new sofa for years

However, I have yet to find something that ticks all of our boxes sufficiently. And when I do find something, something pops up where our money has to go elsewhere. 

An old IKEA Harnosand sectional. It's time for a new sofa!
Living Room Sofa

Why try a couch makeover?

A lot of modern sofas sit low. Personally, I love the look, but it’s just not practical for many folks who visit my home. The low furniture kind of makes it hard for them to get up and out the sofa. Therefore, even though I love the look of a low line low furniture line, it is something that I have to give up.

An easy IKEA hack

As a result, we chose to change the furniture legs on our old IKEA sofa! Although we’re soon to replace it, we chose to swap out the furniture legs for a DIY sofa makeover for cheap.

This project is so easy that you can do it alone. This is especially if you have IKEA furniture since IKEA furniture tends to be light most of the time. 

These furniture legs were purchased from Amazon and they screwed in perfectly to our IKEA sofa. You don’t have to purchase replacement furniture legs from IKEA only! 

So, whether you have an old Harnosand like us, or if you want to improve your new Hyltarp IKEA sofa, it is possible to do this easy couch makeover!

What to look for when buying new furniture legs 


Firstly, consider the type of furniture legs you need. For example, on our sofa, the existing furniture legs feature a single bolt in the middle of the leg that you just twist into place. 

I mistakenly thought that I could use another style leg that requires you to drill for screws on the corner of each furniture leg base. However, the area underneath my couch does not feature a large enough base for that style of furniture leg. 

There were ways that I could make it work, but I chose the easier option rather than expanding the base of each furniture leg. 


Then, you should think about how high you want the sofa to sit. How to make a couch taller? Easy! Swap out the 4 inch legs for about 8 inch or taller furniture legs. That will give a little bit more height to make it a little easier to get out the couch. 


Of course, I wanted a modern style furniture leg that’s totally my style. 

I’m still a mid-century modern lover even though I can’t have the low lying for mid-century modern sofa. Thus, I chose these beautiful tapered legs with gold caps at the bottom. 

These couch legs are wood. I can transfer the legs to another sofa in the future if I want to. In the future, if I choose to use it on a different sofa, I think that the wood would look really really chic and stylish. 

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How to swap out your furniture legs for a couch makeover

Flip couch to replace furniture legs

Clean underneath your sofa. 

Sweep and/or vacuum underneath and around your sofa first. You don’t want your sofa to get dirty when you flip your couch back into place!

Turn over your sofa.

Then, flip your sofa on its back carefully.

Replace the furniture legs.

Afterwards, unscrew the pre-existing legs and screw in the new furniture legs. Super simple. 

Set in place.

Lastly, flip the couch right side up and you’re done! It’s so easy anyone can do it! 

Let me know down in the comments would you ever consider swapping out the furniture legs of your sofa. If you have done this couch makeover, what style of furniture legs did you choose? 

I look forward to reading what you have to say below. 



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