Prime Day is here! Here are my top 3 Amazon Prime Day Deals for home cleaning for 2023! 

Top 3 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023 for home cleaning

Make completing your cleaning checklist a breeze with these cool tools.

Enter my three tried-and-true recommendations to make your cleaning checklist more efficient. And yes – all items can be found on Amazon with special deals for extra discounts for Prime Day!

Top 3 Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023 for home cleaning 

For cleaning upholstery and carpet

I’ve used this Bissell Green Machine for cleaning small and medium sized stains in carpet and upholstery. This cleaner got dried pink paint out my carpet and juice out my mattress.

For cleaning the bathroom

Using brush attachments has been a game changer in my bathroom cleaning routine. I no longer need to scrub with a ton of elbow grease in the bathtub! Now, I let my drill do all the hard work.

For vacuuming quickly

This vacuum has a strong suction to clean up dirt and dust quickly! I only use bagless vacuums now as I can’t be bothered to buy vacuum bags. You’ll find this vacuum easy and lightweight to push and store.

When is Amazon Prime Day in July?

Amazon Prime Day is July 11-12, 2023.

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  1. Oh man – grout is the bane of my existence! That cleaning set looks like the definition of work smarter not harder!