Our dining room took a back seat to a milestone in my life: The Big 3-0! This birthday was like no other.

Happy birthday to me!

Ever since my mom passed away a little over 5 months ago, I have been dreading this birthday. They say all of the firsts are difficult, and they aren’t wrong. The first New Year’s, the first Mother’s Day, her first heavenly birthday…and now my first birthday — a monumental one — without her.

My crew made sure that this birthday was indeed celebratory despite my underlying sadness and guilt of having fun. In accordance with the CDC’s guidelines, I had a small, fabulous, and extra kiddie pool birthday party! Ironically so, the party eventually ended up in the under-construction dining room!

Pool party fun!

My boyfriend went above and beyond to clean, build, cook, and decorate the yard for the big day! He is truly the best! Thank you Honey for working so hard to make this year special!

DIY Party Backdrop

The photo/dance floor backdrop is a creation of The Honey using leftover fencing. He decorated it with gorgeous flowers (many are my favorites) and LED lights! He even decorated a canoe he built some years ago!

The under-construction dining room was perfect!

My sister and niece made this balloon garland for the front yard. Because of the rainy weather, the arch ended up in the dining room!

So we did minimal dining room ORC work in order to celebrate life. And guess what? The work we have done paid off! Without the old bulkheads and ceiling fan, we were able to move the balloon arch inside. With the LED lights, the room was well lit and stayed cool.

Roses for Mother

The day was great because of my support system. They are the same people who have helped us with various DIY projects and have put their max effort in helping us make our home special. In short, I’m beyond appreciative. Thank you so much!

Back to joint compound fun…back to reality!

This was not how I imagined 30 to be, but life is strange like that. It was a bittersweet birthday, but I’m leaning on the sweet more than the bitter.



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