Hellohomegirl One Room Challenge week 3 #orc
Week three. Discussing details.

This week’s all about the architectural and decorative details I have yet to explain and or flesh out. That’s probably because I’m still covered in joint compound and misery. (Making mud tiramisu on walls is not for the faint of heart.)

Anyways, I believe that the joy of any room lives in the details — the moments comprised of stylish vignettes within a space. I’m no designer, but I like my details chock full with whimsy, not too far from my personality. 

Next, let’s discuss some dining room details that I’ve yet to talk about!

Mid-century moments

Horsehair plaster medallion
Preserving the medallion

Our tract home was built in 1969 at the tail end of the mid-century modern movement. In fact, our home makes reference to the early Americana design movement of the 70s. It includes a couple of funky horsehair plaster medallions that I’m sure signaled “fancy.”

The amoeba chandelier

I playfully dubbed this West Elm fixture “The Amoeba” because the round glass pieces remind me of something you’d find under a microscope (which I love). It is a derivation of the classic mid-century modern staple, the Sputnik chandelier. I love how the outstretched arms echo back to its predecessor while updating it with small glass dishes attached.

A swinging 60s record player

Record player details
Record player details

The Honey bought this record player for $50 a piece years ago. I wouldn’t have chosen it with its early Americana arches, but I’m good with it. I look forward to hosting a dinner party with the record playing in the background and the distant future. Adding the detail of music (along with lighting) set the ambiance of a space. 

Undecided details

So much art, so little time!

I’ve never had a gallery wall before, but have wanted to try it out for some years. I love how gallery walls add color schemes in a space without overwhelming the viewer. 

Accent lighting details

Fabulous lighting adds the underrated detail of ambiance.

My mood board included a credenza flanked with two white lamps. I have white lamps, but I can’t help but wonder, “Would sconces be better?” The dining room needs an illusion of height, and I think sconces could help create that. Maybe stacking my white lamps on some cute books could help also! We will see!

Will the credenza make the final cut?

Details on a 1960s credenza
I love the gold details of this credenza.

This was the score of a lifetime. This gorgeous credenza was listed as a kitchen cabinet for $50! I had to pound even though I don’t have a solidified spot for it. I love the gold hardware. Those details add a little glamour that my style often times black. But will the size be disproportionate to the scale of the dining room? Will it match the overall vibe?

In conclusion, they say the devil is in the details, and I agree! These small decisions truly ad life to a space. Decisions, decisions!



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