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In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Challenge

I bailed on my Spring 2022 One Room Challenge some months ago, but now it’s time to pick it back up and finally finish

Am I silly for signing up for another iteration of the ORC againon the same space as before?

Spring One Room Challenge achievements

First, here’s a brief rundown on all the things we did right in the spring.

Board and batten

I cut, installed, primed, and painted the board and batten. I tried out this new-to-me enamel paint for the job. Consider me impressed!

A woman in smoothing a wall with joint compound and a drywall knife.

Wall texture

This was the majority of my work last ORC season. It almost took me out! Eventually, I finished smoothing the part of the walls where wallpaper will be applied. 

Additionally, we matched the hallway ceiling to the dining room, as both spaces flow into each other. No more popcorn ceiling! Now, the ceiling throughout the space is smooth and flat.


After smoothing the ceiling, I also painted the ceiling flat white.

Moreover, I primed and painted the area where wallpaper will be applied. But here’s the scoop on that saga…

I messed up and painted the wall a flat white color. That was a bad decision because my wallpaper’s manufacturer specified that their product needed to be applied over a glossy finish (think satin finish and above). 

When I tried applying the wallpaper stubbornly over the flat paint, disaster struck. When I needed to re-adjust the panel, the wallpaper took off the wall texture and paint and primer that I had applied!

peeling wall texture and paint. I didn't let the paint cure and wallpaper ripped off the texture as a result. I'll be covering for the In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Challenge.

Did I finish fixing the jacked up texture left behind? Absolutely not! I got too frustrated with the situation and just needed to move on

I’ll live with the uneven texture. Conversely, I would recommend that you actually fix the texture. Don’t be like me on this!

To fix the wallpaper/texture destruction, I had to repaint the wall above the board and batten to a satin white I had on hand. 

If you did not know, latex paint takes 30 days to cure. Most latex paints take 30 days to cure. Oil-based paint takes a little over a week. 

Check out your paint manufacturers specifications for details. If you apply wallpaper too soon without letting the paint cure, the texture can come off the wall again. Don’t do that!

In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Challenge. Adding trim around the hallway attic door.

Attic door and trim

We replaced the attic door, the most physically straining project of the last ORC. That was such a big undertaking! I’m so glad that we did that before the summer heated up!

In addition, I replaced the trim around the attic door all by myself. It was a little bit challenging but not too bad!

Still on the hallway to do list

Uh oh.

Attic door panel

First, the attic door needs a finished panel. I tried to finish up the door panel for the attic scuttle door. Unfortunately, the panel got messed up when I needed to trim off a quarter of an inch. YIKES!

Lately, it’s been too hot for me to go out and cut that piece of wood all over again.


Next, I switched up my selection of the wallpaper for the hallway. That wallpaper just so happened to be on backorder for many months. 

Since I got it now, I think I’m ready to install the wallpaper.

close up to board and batten. In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Challenge.

Board and batten

Although I’m mostly done with the board and batten, I still need to add the top rail piece to finish out the look. After that, it’ll tie into the already finished board and batten wall I’ve finished previously.


I haven’t quite decided on the art that I want to hang in the hallway. However, I picked up some tidbits and things that I’m considering putting in space. 

I do want to put my diplomas somewhere, but I don’t know if it’s going to go back into the hallway. I like looking at them, but I don’t want it to mess up the vibe.

Also, I considered doing some type of paint accent for the other side of the hallway where the wallpaper won’t be applied. Right now, however, I’m not leaning that way.

unfinished one room challenge hallway project
In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Challenge


I mentioned it’s been super hot, right? The Honey refuses to go up into the attic to change out the light fixture to what I want for the hallway.

That’s still on the to-do list. Here’s to hoping that it will be under 90° Fahrenheit during this fall 2022 One Room Challenge!

In the hallway again: Fall 2022 One Room Conclusion?

Overall, there are not too many changes to my original plan for the hallway transformation. I just need to be able to carry this plan out.

Have you ever abandoned a project midway through? What was your reason for pausing on your home project? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.



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  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve abandoned like 80% partway through 😂 I tend to go too hard, burnout, then “take a break” for like 8 months to a year (oops) … taking a hard look at my patterns and figuring out how to join in this ORC in a healthier way!

  2. And I’m excited to see this space again! It may just be the thing that helps motivate me to pick one of these unfinished projects back up!

  3. Ok finally figured out how and where to find my subscribers so that I can follow them! I felt this post on a personal level, girl! I think I wanted to abandon this dining room at least once a week and debated last week too after all the sickness we had in our family. I just felt like I couldn’t get anything done. I think only taking on one small project a week and cutting myself off helped me keep going even when I had the setbacks. last year I did this challenge I quit after week 2 hahaha so the fact that I am in week 6 is a major accomplishment.
    Keep going girl! I want to see how you finish the dern thing!