Anyone else have a layer of dust on your open shelving somewhere in your home? Truth be told, my living room glass shelves were straight up neglected! Everything was super dusty and, quite frankly, I got a little tired of the #shelfie setup. It was time for a refresh! Here’s the best way to clean glass shelves.

Before I show you the details, let’s acknowledge the traditional act of dusting. You know, the cutesy feather duster that makes you feel like The only Stepford Housewife. Dusting using a duster only works when you have just a little bit of dust on the shelves, not the stubborn I-haven’t-dusted-in-a-couple-months layer of dust. Consequently, if you are deep cleaning your shelves, simple dusting alone won’t get rid of all of the build up grime. You are going to need a little more effective strategy!

So what is the best way to clean glass shelves?

When I take a load of laundry out the dryer, I pluck out the used dryer sheets and reuse them! I simply wipe down all of my dusty surfaces – shelves and objects – with used dryer sheets!

A world market basket hold white towels while a person holds up a dryer sheet.

I love using dryer sheets so much because it picks up and attracts dust! Using paper towels isn’t enough to do the job because they barely pick up any dust. Instead, paper towels just push the dust off the shelf. So you just got dust elsewhere. With dryer sheets, that’s not a problem! Just wipe up the dust and the dryer sheet in the trash. (I even use them to clean ceiling fans, too!)

Furthermore, I prefer using used sheets because it leaves behind less residue. It’s a way to reuse those sheets for another job!

A woman cleans a blue vase in a blue room. Family pictures and art hangs on the wall.

If you do not use dryer sheets in your laundry, you can use microfiber cloths. They pick up dust just as well (sometimes even better) and are regarded as the more eco-friendly option.

A woman cleans a blue vase in a blue room. Family pictures and art hangs on the wall. Clean glass shelves. and vases.

After getting rid of the dust, I spray down my now clean glass shelves with a window cleaner. I spray glass shelves. Then, I wipe it down with a paper towel or rag cut from an old t-shirt.

Likewise, you can repeat this process with the objects that sit on the shelves. They too can be sprayed with window cleaner as well. Just make sure not to soak the objects down like a shelf.

Now you’re ready to place your objects back in place! Or, you might be ready for a restyling!



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  1. Roommay! You just changed my life with this hack. I love reusing and upcycling. I already used dryer sheets to remove the lint from that vented tray-thingy 😂, but now I have another way to use it. Gotta get the money’s worth. This is a great read. Keep more coming!

  2. I’m so lazy about dusting! Probably shouldn’t admit that in a public space, but I get double lazy and use cleaner without pre-wiping, thus making a bigger mess for myself, haha. Maybe one day I’ll stop getting in my own way and try your method!