Unique Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Unique Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

It’s important to show gratitude for our hardworking teachers and staff members! Here are some unique budget friendly teacher appreciation gift ideas with some cute teacher appreciation themes!

When is Teacher Appreciation Week 2024?

In 2024, Teacher Appreciation week will take place May 6th-10th, 2024 in the United States.

teach dice ornament on table
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Why is Teacher Appreciation Week important?

Simply put, teachers work hard. I think that’s common knowledge at this point. But, often people forget about the other school staff that work just as hard behind the scenes. 

These important people may not teach a particular subject, but they help serve and teach kids important character skills. That includes the secretaries, the front desk receptionists, custodians, attendance clerks, nurses, and administration leadership.

Overall, a lot of people don’t see a lot of their labor and so I think it’s important to give a small token of appreciation to them. 

I find it very important to give my front desk people gifts to show my appreciation because they work so hard. Trust me, passing out cute and clever tokens of appreciation can really brighten someone’s day.

So let’s get into a couple of teacher appreciation ideas for your teachers and staff!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts (by teacher appreciation themes)

Unique Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas life saver theme

Teacher Appreciation Idea 1: Lifesaver theme

Firstly, many of my teachers were like lifesavers to me, so I went with that theme. That’s why the sticky notes say, “Thanks for being a lifesaver!” To distinguish the theme from a nurse appreciation gift, I added school elements like a composition notebook pattern and an eraser.


Step 1: Order customized sticky notes

Firstly, order the sticky notes. In this gift idea, you can add whatever customized message you’d like to these sticky notes! I think these are so cute because they look like old school composition notebooks. Very appropriate for a school theme!

Every good gift has a level of customization. So, be sure to order these at least a week ahead of time! That allows time for the custom print and delivery. I ordered 8 packs for about 18 people. 

Step 2: Add sticky notes to gift bags

Second, split up the sticky notes. These sticky notes come in a pack of 50, so I split them into two parts to make more gift bags. That means each bag will have 25 sticky notes per person. 

I think that’s a good amount for customized sticky notes, especially if you are working on a modest budget like me.

Step 3: Fill bag with candy

Then, you’ll fill the bags with the lifesaver candies to stay on theme. I used colorful, fruit flavored Lifesaver candies at first. Later, I added more mint flavored candies to make the bags fuller. 

If I were to do this idea again, I’d elect to use all mint candies for a neater look. I just think the all white candies just look more presentable.

thanks for being a lifesave blue eraser close up

Step 4: Finish with an eraser

Lastly, you’ll add an eraser to go with the composition notebook theme. Plus, the best teachers know how to erase your problems away, even just for a class.

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Unique Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas In Bulk fruit gifts

Teacher Appreciation Idea 2: Fruit theme

Time for another super easy and fun teacher gift idea. This teacher gift idea is a fruit theme. 


Step 1: Add the apple juice

Firstly, drop in a bottle of apple juice into a gift bag. To make a lot of gifts, you’ll need to purchase a case of apple juice. These bottles are small and cute and the perfect gift size.

I bought two 9 pack cases of apple juice to cover 18 people. 

fruit themed teacher appreciation gift bags

Step 2: Add fruit snacks

Then, you’ll need a box of fruit snacks. Add one bag of fruit snacks to each gift bag.

One box of fruit snacks was enough for my needs. 

Step 3: Customize gift tags

Finally, you’re ready to add the customization element to the gift!

What makes this gift idea super fun are the cute fruit puns and phrases. These phrases are all about letting your teachers and staff know how awesome they are with phrases like:

“I apple-solutely appreciate you!”


“I’m grape-ful for you!”

Super cheesy, I know. But sometimes a little cheesiness can uplift someone’s day!

Moreover, I chose to hand write these messages for my teachers and staff. However, for a more professional look, consider printing customized address labels. Then, simply stick them onto each gift tag. Lastly, tie up your plastic gift bag with your gift tag! 

Get your printable freebie!

I’ve designed customized labels for your teacher appreciation gifts! In this freebie, you’ll get a template for 30 custom labels featuring 5 fun and fruity designs.

Fits the Avery 1″ x 2-5/8″ Easy Peel Address Labels (18160)

What other times can I give gifts to teachers?

Excellent question! You don’t have to serve your gratitude just for Teacher Appreciation Week 2024! Therefore, here are some times to give a teacher appreciation gift.

The beginning of the school year

The start of the new school year is a great time to establish relationships with you students’ teachers and caregivers at school. Most likely, they are reaching out to you and your child to build relationships and establish teamwork. Therefore, you might want to share a small token in this crucial time as well.

The end of the school year

As the year comes to an end, teachers are usually exhausted. So, a token of a job well done would be great as well.


Add some customized element to your gift to take it from good to great!

The cumulative testing season

During this time of year, kids are working very hard and taking many tests to help them get to the next grade. Well, this is one of the most stressful times of the school year for the adults, too. Teachers get added high stakes responsibilities during the testing season. A gift would be nice!

The holidays

If you are a holiday person, you probably are in a festive mood. So, gift giving may be a high priority during that time of year.

Counselor Appreciation Week

Counselors are teachers, too! They teach all parties at school how to manage emotions with strategies and provide resources. Celebrate them as well. In addition, most of them, if not all, were teachers at some point in their careers.

photo of woman teaching
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Who should give teachers gifts?

Overall, think whomever feels compelled to give a teacher a gift should. That includes families, students, and even fellow teachers. Just be sure to follow guidelines that your school district says in their Code of Conduct.

Teachers: Gift-giving is a great way to build relationships, especially with your front staff. They really do work hard to make your life easier. So, show love as much as possible!

And families: Don’t forget about the upper grade teachers! Many lower grade teachers get some love. But generally, the older the student, the less likely teachers get a little love. High school teachers enjoy unique budget friendly teacher appreciation gift ideas, too!

In conclusion

In conclusion, these are super easy and simple appreciation gifts you can hand out to teachers and/or to staff members. It’s always a good thing to show someone you care.

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