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How to make a cushion from scratch (easy way)

You may need to create or reupholster a seat cushion if your chair doesn’t have one. Here’s how to make a cushion from scratch the easy way.

Fabric stapler How to make a cushion from scratch (easy way)

Supplies to make a cushion

To make a cushion from scratch, you’ll need:

Steps to make a cushion from scratch

Step 1: Create a template

Firstly, use a large piece of paper to trace the base of the chair. Then, cut out your template.

Step 2: Make the base

Secondly, trace your template shape on a sheet of plywood. This will be the base of your cushion.

I used a quarter thick underlayment as a base for my seat cushion because I had it on hand. 

Woman cuts plywood with a jigsaw power tool

Then, use a jigsaw to cut out your cushion base from the sheet of plywood. By the way, a jigsaw is super easy and not scary if you are unfamiliar with power tools.

Step 3: Cut the foam

Afterwards, use your template to trace out your cushion’s shape onto your foam. After that, cut out the outline with an electric knife.

I used 3 inch thick foam because I wanted a thicker, more cushy seat.

How to make a cushion from scratch (easy way)

Step 4: Wrap in batting

Afterwards, spray all around the foam with spray adhesive. Then, carefully place batting on top of the cushion. Trim the batting an inch about the plywood base.

I found it helpful to keep the batting doubled up for even more padding. Additionally, that helped cover the color of the foam underneath.

A jigsaw is a beginner friendly tool. It’s super easy to use and not scary if you are unfamiliar with power tools.

Step 5: Staple the fabric

Using a stapler, staple the top fabric of your choice onto the cushion base.

Meanwhile, expect to make a lot of adjustments. So, keep some pliers on standby for when you need to remove a staple

Step 6: Finish the cushion

Lastly, tap the staples into place with a hammer. Cut away all of the excess fabric at the end. 

Additionally, if you really want your cushion to look professional, you could add a black piece of paper a black sheet of fabric hot glue underneath for a more finished look.


In conclusion, that’s how to make a cushion from scratch (easy way). Now you know how to add a cushion to a vintage chair, stool, or bench. Happy thrifting!



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