Truly, I believe that messy spaces are a reflection of your mind. It’s a signal that you haven’t been taking care of yourself to tend to your most sacred of spaces. Your closet, in particular, is the place that is crucial in your early morning rush out the door.

custom walk-in closet
A dream custom walk-in closet

Do you need to refresh your walk-in closet?

The easier it is to find what you need to get dressed, the more efficient you are to get your day started on a positive note with the clothes that make you feel your best.

My sister Regina is the most selfless person EVER. She takes selflessness to another level. She spends most of her time doing acts of service for other people (most of which she never mentions). Because of this, let’s just say that self-care is not her strong suit and she has little time to tend to herself. As a result, her walk-in closet got a little out of hand.

My gift to the world’s BEST sister is a closet refresh!

Walk-in closet refresh versus makeover

Notice how I called it a *refresh* and not a makeover. A makeover would entail, in my opinion, an overhaul of the overall closet system. Think new shelves, rods, possible drawers, and other displays to create a more custom aesthetic.

One day we’ll get there, but for now, we’re just making the best out of the pre-existing closet to stay budget-conscious. Besides, I’m fresh off of a full makeover myself!

messy walk-in closet with clothes on the floor
We’ve all been here before.

The mission

Before, the walk-in closet was in extreme disarray. My sister was unable to really walk into the closet (isn’t that the point?). As a result, the top shelves were inaccessible. Everything was unorganized, making it hard to find anything that you were looking for.

My mission was to improve the organization of the closet to make it a happier place to get ready in the morning. Hopefully, you’ll find this closet refresh and organization a little bit more attainable and easily easier to get done!

organizing a closet with white and gray shirts on wooden hangers
Living with a refreshed closet will help you to really analyze your habits before ramping up for a full walk-in closet makeover.

Questions for kickstarting a closet refresh

If you are unsure of whether you need to analyze your current closet situation, ask yourself:

  1. Can you actually walk inside your walk-in closet?
  2. Can you find any particular item in 10 seconds?
  3. Are you frustrated when getting dressed because you can’t find anything?

The final question is THE MOST important.

4. Do you feel overwhelmed by your messy environment?

I’m excited to share the small improvements that we are making to the space! I’m breaking it down in several parts as it is still in progress. I hope the tips that I share will be helpful for you to do your own walk-in closet refresh! STAY TUNED!



P.S.: Check out my stories for videos of the closet refresh process!

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  1. Really great post, Roommay! This can also be applied to dressers and other clothing storage. I use the clothes in my dresser more, because I WFH, and having the dresser organized so that I can quickly find what I need is essential.

  2. I love your vision for your sister’s closet! I’m looking forward to seeing this reveal.