An entryway is the space where we can ceremoniously begin to take off the burdens of life as we relax in our home persona. It also welcomes your guests and gives them a first idea of what the vibe of your home will be. Last year, I did a quick project to make our entryway to a funky and inviting space.

The entryway before
The entryway before

A Small Entryway Makeover Reveal For Under $50

I did this project totally out of order because I just got a spark of inspiration. Therefore, I just did what my brain told me to do. So if the order of these steps make zero sense, that’s why!

Additionally, the entryway helps get me out the house quickly! I was having an issue losing my keys and my purse. Now, I don’t have to think about those things. I just grab and go!

DIY entryway projects

Opening up the entryway

First, I removed a door that used to be between the entryway and breakfast nook. I understand why it was there. The room immediately off the entryway seems like it was an office. So I could see why the previous owners had a door to close off the office to the rest of the home. However, we don’t use that room in that way, and the extra door seemed like more of a burden than a help. So, I got rid of it! To do so, I filled in the mortices and sanded and painted the door jamb.

Painting the ceiling of the entryway
Painting the ceiling of the entryway


Next, I painted the entryway in a satin white paint. I used a fun tutorial inspired by Jessica from An Indigo Day with this striped paint job. I love being inspired by creators on Pinterest (by the way, I’d love it if you’d follow me there!). Instead of copying exactly what she did, I used the same technique in a slightly different pattern. I opted to paint longer, more spaced out strokes using leftover sample paint from Sherwin Williams in the satin finish. In small entryways, it’s important to use satin or semi gloss paint for its wipeable surface. People tend to scuff up the wall in high traffic places, so it’s good to have walls able to be wiped.

Painting the stripes was sooooo therapeutic. I was anxious about returning to work, so it was great to focus on this fun paint job while listening to music and my favorite murder mystery shows! Also, don’t forget the baseboards! I painted those in semi gloss just like I paint all of my baseboards.

After that, I spray painted the old light fixture matte black. Of course I want a new light fixture! However, the entryway was a quick, almost-zero-dollar-makeover, so a new light fixture had to wait. I just got some black paint already in the garage, taken off the area around the fixture and the wiring, and spray painted! A change to a brighter light bulb made all of the difference to this small space as well.

Unpainted popcorn ceiling texture debris lay on the ground.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Remember when I said I did things out of order? Yup, this is the part where that is in where I mention that again. Part two of the project: I removed the popcorn ceiling! I should have removed the popcorn earlier. But, I thought I could live with it and ignore it. However, one awful day at work happened and I needed to take out some aggression. Before I knew it, I was on a ladder having the time of my life getting rid of that popcorn!

I removed it and primed and painted the ceiling. Since I did this after painting the stripes, I had to touch up around the perimeter of the ceiling and do some more touch up paint on the walls.

I’ll share the popcorn removal process in the future.

A picture of entryway decor. A cb2 coat rack holds a hat and purse from Target. Abstract art hangs on the striped walls.
Entryway decor. The wall stripes are hand-painted and not wallpaper!

Entryway decor

The only thing I purchased for the entryway is this coat rack from cb2. I love that it pivots so I can adjust it for whatever I wish to hang.

I had this artwork I’d been stashing for a long time. So here’s a reminder to keep a SMALL stash of decor for the spur-of-the-moment project! If you like something, keep it for the moment that you find the perfect spot for it.

This key tray was another free-to-me DIY project using scrap wood. Again, this is another project I’ll detail later!

Lastly, I painted the water heater door and replaced the door knob. I also cleaned the door leading to outside.

An entryway reveal with hand painted striped walls. A cb2 wall coat hanger hangs on the wall. Abstract art and an entryway key holder tray also hangs on the wall. Finally, a spray painted light fixture is on the ceiling.
The entryway reveal. Ignore the door jamb on the left. It got fixed later!

And voila! That’s it! Part one of the entryway makeover took just 1 day. The second part took three. Not bad for an almost free makeover! In short, this entryway has definitely improved my life because it makes me feel happy every time I come home.



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  1. Great job on the refresh!! I love the pattern you choose along with the color. You’re really knocking projects out in your home.. kudos to you!